CBD Isolate Tincture (1,000MG) 30ML Bottle

CBD Isolate Tincture (1,000MG) 30ML Bottle

Our company was built on the idea that full-spectrum hemp is the most effective way to use CBD, but we had customers legitimately concerned that the small quantities of THC present in our tinctures, NOIDS, and vapes may cause them to fail a drug test (which to be clear is unlikely at normal intake, but if you’re in a position to be worried about this it’s a BIG DEAL and not worth the risk). This meant there were people in need of help, wanting to avoid extra pharmaceuticals…and we couldn’t do anything for them at the time. We struggled with this conflict, but ultimately decided that helping people on their terms was more important than dogmatically sticking to a “full-spectrum or bust” mentality.


Now let’s be clear: With any CBD product, there is ALWAYS a slight chance that you may fail a drug test for completely random reasons like false positives, medication interactions, etc. (It’s surprisingly common since most drug tests check for metabolites of drugs rather than the actual drugs themselves, and many different compounds are broken down by similar pathways in the body.) You might have heard about people testing positive for opiates after eating poppy seed bagels…yeah, that’s a thing.


Anyway, for legal reasons we can’t guarantee anything but we can say that it is close to impossible for you to get a true positive THC test result while taking our CBD isolate tincture. Generally if something comes up positive on a urine test it’ll get sent to an actual lab with fancy chemistry instrumentation for confirmatory testing specific to THC, so as long as you’re not actually using THC you should be okay.


If you NEED to use CBD and have to contend with drug testing, this is the product for you.


Make sure it’s legal in your jurisdiction (sorry, ID/NE/SD) and be transparent about your CBD use with whoever’s administering the test.


Do your own research, draw your own conclusions, and use wisely.

– This product contains 1.7mg of CBD in a single droplet. 

– 640 total droplets per bottle.

– 35mg in a full dropper (1.0 mL)

– 17.5mg in a half dropper (0.5 mL)


Refrigerate for maximum freshness

• Food Grade

• Can be used on the skin

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